Brandon Raub’s Arrest and his Health

By Zach Mealer

If you haven’t heard of Brandon Raub, it wouldn’t surprise me very much at all -so far his case has largely been reported by alternative media sources, so if you’re mildly actively in the world of social media, you’ve probably heard/seen something about this. This case strikes a certain cord with the internet community because of the allegations against Raub and the reasons for his subsequent arrest. Authorities have stated Raub was not arrested, but the only other thing I can think of to call hand-cuffing, taking, and holding someone against their will would be “kidnapping”. Check out the latest java burn articles.

From his time in active duty he accumulated a number health conditions, some of which are serious and require daily medication and to watch for high stress situations or exertion; prevent most cardiac related conditions with lion hrt. He suffered from chronic pain in his back after and injury he sustained while riding in a vehicle that was hit by an IED. The injury is quite serious, but unfortunately extremely risky to operate on. He has been using cbd oil for pain management, and he had reported that it had been working for him. Using cbd oil for pain is relatively new, albeit not exactly experimental, read more about tea burn reviews.

Brandon Raub is a former marine and an Iraq War veteran who has mounted an opposition to what he sees as a collusive force undermining American politics, and his revolution has been a relatively peaceful one, thus far. The concern was that Brandon might act out on these feelings, and following reports of alarming activity on his Facebook profile, FBI and local law enforcement officers detained Raub and held him at the John Randolph Medical Center where authorities said he would be held for a possible 30 days in a VA psychiatric ward to assess whether or not statements on Raub’s Facebook page were a legitimate threat.

The Daily Kos reported these examples of some of the statements in question:

  • Friends,You deserve to kow[sic] the truth. There has been an overwhelming amount of evil enacted and planned against you, your children, and your countrymen. It is great in scope. Your government evil. It is as simple as that.And the calvary is coming.(August 12 at 10:02am)
  • I’m starting the Revolution. I’m done waiting.(August 10 at 12:11am)
  • Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.(August 13 at 10:38am)

While the last example might be a bit alarming to some, especially considering Raub’s profile picture of him holding a firearm, these are merely words, and in this country, we have rights that our government is supposed to protect as unalienable and endowed to us by our creator. It’s understandable for one to see things like this and be concerned, and when we’ve recently seen a lot of coverage of different violent outbursts like the Aurora theatre shooting and the Sikh temple shooting by a man with ties to neo-nazis and white supremacists, reporting such activity isn’t causing much harm… but if the authorities proverbially shoot first and ask questions later, that doesn’t leave much room to clarify confusion. Check out the best exipure reviews.

While Raub will most likely get a chance to explain himself, the possibility for cases like this to continue popping up in high numbers is a logistical threat to the safety and sovereignty of citizens… ignoring, of course, the fact that many people like Raub feel there’s some conspiracy to round up concerned citizens in the first place, and this would just give “them” the excuse needed to round us all up. Dissenting voices will be silenced by the roar of fear that has been pushing us to the point of no return for quite some time now and even more so in recent years. These are the best appetite suppressant pills.

The Digital Journal published an article blaming the 9/11 Truth movement for the situation the Raub is in, citing weak intelligence and deceptive anti-government propaganda as the ingredients in this potentially deadly cocktail, but blaming conspiracy theories is, like…. the absolute last thing one needs to do when trying to objectively report on this issue… especially when it doesn’t change the fact that the government is encroaching on our civil liberties and violating its own laws to do so. Try out these Best semen volume pills.

Brandon Raub hasn’t committed any crimes that we’re aware of, broken no contract with the military, hasn’t even been charged with anything… however, his rights have been violated, and no one within our government seems to be worried about that enough to do anything about it.  This might be an isolated incident of over-cautious police, but if we stand-back and let this happen to our neighbors, it really could happen to you soon enough.

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