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The History of Fascism in America: Part One of Many… (Somewhere in the Middle)

When you mention fascism, many people immediately think of Nazi Germany. Very few… dare I say, “Americans”… are aware of the fact that fascism was somewhat popular in the United States around the same time as the rise of the National-Socialist Party in Germany. This is an important issue to understand, because the general consensus […]

UPDATE: Judge Orders Release of Brandon Raub

By Zach Mealer UPDATE ON Brandon Raub’s Arrest After an hour long hearing, Judge W. Allan Sharrett ruled that the involuntary commitment of Brandon Raub to a mental care facility was invalid and ordered that Raub be released because there was no grounds to file a petition to hold him in the first place. However, this doesn’t […]

Brandon Raub’s Arrest and his Health

By Zach Mealer If you haven’t heard of Brandon Raub, it wouldn’t surprise me very much at all -so far his case has largely been reported by alternative media sources, so if you’re mildly actively in the world of social media, you’ve probably heard/seen something about this. This case strikes a certain cord with the […]