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The History of Fascism in America: Part One of Many… (Somewhere in the Middle)

When you mention fascism, many people immediately think of Nazi Germany. Very few… dare I say, “Americans”… are aware of the fact that fascism was somewhat popular in the United States around the same time as the rise of the National-Socialist Party in Germany. This is an important issue to understand, because the general consensus […]

Loans and scholarships

A personal loan might have a better interest rate than a federal student loan. There are many different types of student loans, but most will have a fixed interest rate and the federal government will not reduce that interest rate, unless you make more money than the minimum payment you can get proof of using […]

Brandon Raub’s Arrest and his Health

By Zach Mealer If you haven’t heard of Brandon Raub, it wouldn’t surprise me very much at all -so far his case has largely been reported by alternative media sources, so if you’re mildly actively in the world of social media, you’ve probably heard/seen something about this. This case strikes a certain cord with the […]