The Anti-Gun Culture in America: The War on Personal Accountability

34984This is diagram of a basic .22 caliber revolver. It has less than 20 parts, and all of them are fairly simple to make in your garage with the right equipment if you really wanted to take the time to figure it out. A standard AK-47 barely has twice that many parts, minus the screws and washers that hold it together. You can thank the military-industrial complex for the weapons industry that has made it infinitely easier to attain a pre-made weapon of war than to figure out how to make something like this -most people looking at it probably don’t even know what they are looking at.

Guns aren’t something that you can just wish away with laws. They were invented to serve a purpose, and despite the overwhelming number of people who feel that it is merely to kill people -weapons are used for defense as well as offense. Unfortunately, it is that purpose that we would have to do away with, and we can’t limit that violence by jumping on each other about mental health -by definition, the majority of the world is psychotic, and we’re still mildly functioning… no need for a “Final Solution”, because mass extermination and genocide will not end human idiocy… I doubt that laws could do much better -but you can try.

One thing we definitely can do to help this situation is stop letting our fear of guns increase the level of danger around them. Guns certainly are not toys, but they are a part of our world. The 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, was to be a check and balance on the Presidents ability to raise and keep an army. The Bill of Rights is a limitation on the enumerated powers of the Federal Government -the use of the word “well-regulated” means “self-regulated” -just like the rest of the government was supposed to be…

As this country has grown and we become increasingly ignorant of even the most basic principles of managing a free state, our government has increasingly become a self-serving facsistic aristocracy -it’s not unexpected -it’s the nature of government to corrupt, but we knew that going into this thing. We can regulate that corruption of government, but in a world where we are vastly out-armed against any threat the military could pose, that balance of power has shifted and fallen. Once you lose your right to defend your rights, you effectively have none.

We may still be able to exercise a level of freedom in this country, but the mass media news drowns out any chance to lead a discussion about these issues and distorts issues on either side of the sociopolitical spectrum. Individuals are losing their ability to have any control over what goes on in the world, and with the exploitation and abuse that has gone in the wake of American nationalism, the world is facing another rise of socialism -Americans are continually asking for jobs instead of looking for opportunities.

Healthcare is a big enough issue to expect the public to handle -at some point, we have to draw the line of personal responsibility. While it might seem scary to leave regulation of firearms up to personal responsibility, we can’t let fear and ignorance steamroll us on issues that ultimately result in the loss of personal freedom.

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